Thursday, February 24, 2011

.:: Happy 3rd Birthday ...HUMAIRAH::.


This is my birthday dedication to my little dearest HUMAIRAH..

Dear Kakak,
Three years old! How time flies. I remember when you were a few weeks old & all you could do was eat, sleep, poop. I loved how I could hold & cuddle with you (you were such a snuggle bunny). You were a very good baby.

Fast forward three years, you are a vibrant and happy little girl. You have such a great personality & love of life. You are super talkative (which I have to believe is inherited from ayah) and you love running around & playing. I love how you aren’t afraid to try new things (but sometimes you are coward also inherited from ayah...hehe..don't be mad ok ayah..). You also have a wonderful love of animals, sometimes even afraid to touch and hold the animal..

I think what I love most about you is the way you make me feel. You make me feel like a million bucks when you run into my arms & yell out excitedly, “Saaayaaaang...ibu...” You are truly one of the most spectacular things to happen to me. I look forward to the many experiences we will encounter together.

I love you Humairah.... Have a wonderful third birthday my smart little girl..


Ibu n ayah dah order kek doraemon utk kite celebrate birtday kakak k..

Ayah kate nti die belikan present tau..suprise tau..hehe..kakak kan good gurl...

Fuh!! Pjg gak ucapan sy utk anak sy sempena besdaynye yng ke-3 nih..cpt btl mase belalu..nx year kakak dah kena g school.. Ibu lak yg cam x sabar nk hntr kakak g school..Die kate die nak beli beg n kasut Barbie..hehe..tiap2 hari ty bile kakak bleh g school..penat lah ibu nak menjawab smpai hujung tahun ni..

Insyallah..nx year kakak g school without adik..x taulah die bleh trima ke x..

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