Sunday, November 14, 2010

Si Kecilku...Chakk!!

A gud programme from TV3 2 share..Sy x sempat nk tgk kat tv coz slot ni every Tuesday 11am.. On working days..Bersama dengan Pakar Laktasi Rita Rahayu..nie cume sbhgn jer..klu nk tgk yg full leh lah tgk kat TV3 @ Youtube.

Thanks TV3


A week b4 Deepavali was my 2nd visit 2 TRAP, Sg Klah, Sungkai. TRAP is simply the acronym 4 Taman Rekreasi Air Panas. The route passes through the Felda Sg Klah which is serrounded by the thick oil palm estate. We reached at TRAP around 11am..juz take about an hour journey.

The entrance fee into the park cost RM10 for adult n RM8 for children. If u have been here sometimes back, u know the fee is much cheaper back then.

1st we get on to a Mountain Spring Pool. The water comes from a natural water source nearby.. My lil' Humairah n Wardah really enjoy here n swim till bluish lips n do not want 2 go home....sgt sonok lah tu..

sangat seronok kanak2 itu.....!

There is another 5" feet pool also.. that can stand under the splash waterfall and get the water massage..hehe...

After having some cool time, we get on to a Hot Spring Pool. The water is kind of warm and comfortable to sink the entire body into pool. But my lil' juz jengket2 kaki jer atas air panas.. can't swim there..hihi.. However there is a warning sign board that stated those with critical illness such as asthma, heart problem, diabetes and high blood pressure should not use this pool. Also u need 2 know that our body will get dehydrated when exposed to heat, therefore we should drink lots of water after using hotspring..

There is also a little river to boil some egg.. It only takes about 3 to 7 minutes to boil the eggs.

Besides that there are Hot Spring Theraphy Path where u can walk through the path flows with the hot water. The temperate of the hot water is moderate but u have to bear of the pain on ur feet coz u walk on a small stone :p

We left the park around 2pm and heading back 2 Teluk Intan..and I know that my lil dearest very enjoy until this happened........

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